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Little Dust Of British, British Shorthair and Longhair cat breeding in Belgium

Little Dust of British


Our love of cats is at the heart of our family and professional cattery for British Shorthair and Longhair cats. Our licensed cattery is located in Tremelo, Flemish Brabant (Belgium). We look forward to welcoming you!


We are Joëlle and Mélanie, a mother and daughter duo with a passion for British cats. Together, we run our small, licensed cattery named Little Dust Of British.

After Mélanie lost Twister, her blue British Shorthair, it took us some time to find another cat: a creamy lilac British Shorthair, which required a lot of research. We then wanted to find him a companion, and our first kittens were born from their union.

Our desire to expand the cattery was then born to concentrate on lesser-known colours, such as cinnamon, fawn, cream and white, chocolate, etc. We also fell in love with a female British Longhair, which pushed us to diversify further.


Our cats participate in many cat shows in Belgium and, naturally, abroad as well.

Discover our British Shorthair & Longhair , as well as our latest births !

British Longhair Fawn
Little Dust of British
Little Dust Of British


Joëlle has a degree in feline genetics.

Our kennel is registered at the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises, under the registration number 0724857442. All our litters are declared to the FPS Finance and we are taxed on any profits we make from our business.

We are approved by the Flemish Government in the animal welfare department (HK 20215965). This accreditation means that we are controlled by this government, both regarding our infrastructure and the health of our cats.

Click here to see a copy of our Certificate of Accreditation.

British Longhair Crème

Moreover, being approved also means the existence of regular veterinary checks. We are followed by the veterinarians Decuypere Inge and Billiet Aino , who are available at all times to assist us when our babies come.

We are also members of the Aristo Cat Club.


Are you interested in adopting a kitten?

Would you like to adopt a British kitten from our cattery? We do not work with a waiting list, but we are at your disposal, and we ask you to follow our news on the birth page of this site, as well as on our social networks because we will announce each new litter there.


We do a thorough follow-up before and after each adoption, and we are always ready to offer guidance and advice.

To find out more about our cats and kittens, or to order one of our handcrafted toys, contact Little Dust Of British by phone or email!


Discover our British Shorthair and Longhair cats.


The most recent births that took place at Little Dust Of British

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